Why choose our bracelets?

Personalised paper wristbands are used extensively all over the world and can be said to be the most popular for crowd control and visitor identification purposes at events, concerts or festivals. There are many different types of personalized wristbands for events with different durations. In our range of wristbands we have products that are suitable for one or two day use to seven or more days. Personalised wristbands are very commonly used at public events, concerts, festivals, bars and nightclubs, corporate events, sporting events, leisure parks and playgrounds and more. The main function of these personalised wristbands is identification. A good example would be access to the VIP area or artist access to the backstage area at a concert or festival where access to the general public is restricted.

Types of bracelets

We offer a wide range of different types of personalised wristbands, from simple and cost-effective solutions suitable for smaller events to more secure and durable solutions for multi-day use. Depending on the type of wristband you choose, there are varying levels of security to ensure that the wristband is not transferable from one wrist to another and event organisers can meet their business objectives. Our product list includes tyvek wristbands – made from a material that resembles paper, but is more durable and tear resistant. We also have plastic wristbands, holographic wristbands, vinyl wristbands and fabric wristbands. Security and closures vary from bracelet to bracelet, please see the specific product page for more information.

Personalized bracelets

Gone are the days when choosing bracelets was just a matter of choosing the right colour. Nowadays, clients are increasingly choosing personalised wristbands as a solution for their business. We offer high quality printing for each type of wristband, where your logo or text is placed on the wristband in the desired colour. Our absolute advantage is that all of our personalised wristbands are produced using only the appropriate technology for the purpose. The days when you had to worry about poor quality prints are long gone, and if you don’t trust us, why not get in touch and request free samples of our personalised wristbands to see for yourself? In the meantime, solid and monochrome bracelets are still a very popular choice amongst our clients, and we’re really proud to offer a selection of gorgeous colours to suit every taste. Please visit the specific product page, fill in your details and take a look at the colours we offer.


Depending on the bracelet you choose, the quantity and the complexity of your design, we guarantee delivery of your order within 1-4 weeks. To ensure you receive your order on time, we work with some of Europe’s leading delivery companies – DPD, UPS and GLS. All of our international deliveries are handled by these operators who have built up a good reputation over the years and are known as reliable, fast and secure delivery solutions. If you would like to find out more about delivery times for specific products, please visit the specific product page where more accurate information including prices will be available.

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